Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The board between us

I am an ambivert with a dominant inclination towards introversion. Obviously, this isn't true when I am with  close friends but with strangers and acquaintances, this is a pretty accurate description. That said, I'm not anti-social or a loner.

I find that board gaming is a perfect hobby for me because it satisfies my need for social interaction, which although not as much as needed by many other is yet not something completely absent, while limiting the possibility of uncomfortable social interactions such as too many personal questions, having to listen to a person's emotional baggage etc. for which I have limited patience unless the person in question is in my inner circle of friends.

With the board / game between us, the primary focus is on playing. Some games are conducive to table talk and allows me to get to know (and open up to) people at a comfortable pace. I find that getting to know a person over a number of weeks works better than either subjecting them to / being subjected to a barrage of questions in the first couple of meetings. Also, I can observe how a person plays and draw inferences on their personal traits - values (do they cheat? do they play fair but hard?), approach (careful, calculated, or  aggressive), abilities (understanding rules, remembering rules, developing strategies as the game progresses) - to determine the probability of us developing a rapport outside of the gaming hobby.

Even if I don't feel I can develop a rapport with some people, the time spent together is not all down the drain, because I can keep the focus on the game. Also, I am not obliged to make small talk if I don't want to and neither am I expected to continue the socialization beyond the gaming session. This works far better than  many other casual socializing avenues such as parties, for me.

Current Mood: Really looking forward to today's Tuesday Evenings Board Games Meetup.

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